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Lana Parrilla and Jennifer Morrison on set


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House Week Day 6 | Favorite Season - Season 5

Amber: So… this is the story you made up about who you are. It’s a nice one. 
Kutner: Too bad it isn’t true. 

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Singer-songwriter Joe Henry and actor Hugh Laurie pose at The GRAMMY Museum on August 27, 2014 in Los Angeles, California

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Pin the bowtie on the Doctor, the Hugh Laurie edition.

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#Houseweek Day 7: Anything Goes - 

Favourite off-screen friendship - Hugh Laurie and Robert Sean Leonard

“Well, now that we’ve stopped sleeping together, it’s a lot more comfortable in every way, physically, as well. I don’t know. He’s very complicated. He’s a very strange guy. He’s very funny. He’s like most of the people I like in my life: tortured, miserable, and just a pain in the ass…” 

“And can I tell you, when you have dinner with Hugh Laurie [speaking in his real accent]… I miss that voice. As we know, I’m straight, but yeah, it’s like, homina homina homina.” 

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The man is a national treasure. He’s a national treasure and he’s a personal treasure too. I share him with the nation.” -Hugh Laurie [on Stephen Fry]

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Gregory House (Hugh) shirtless <3

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Hugh Laurie & Robert Sean Leonard playing guitars. Love them both…

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Requested by anonymous

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